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Yeah, I know…I haven’t been on here in ages, but I’m not going to apologise – I’ve been busy writing! Last time I posted anything relating to my own screenwriting endeavours, I think I was working on the rewrite of my feature after I’d received feedback from Alec at Kibo Factory. Well, I finished the draft and sent it off, and now I’m in the midst of another rewrite (not so major this time) after another bout of feedback and a Skype session with Alec. There was good news and good news, which is not something us writers get to enjoy very often. The good news was, Alec thought I’d taken on board his advice and produced a much stronger draft whilst still maintaining my own voice and story. The other good news was, after his feedback and a very productive Skype session, I knew exactly how to make things even better and hopefully nail this next draft so it’s ready to start sending out. So, that’s where I am – halfway through what I really think might be (dare I say it) my final draft of Beach Huts…for a little while, anyway.

Once I’ve finished this latest draft, it’ll be back to business as usual and the blogging will start to focus on how I use this (what I’m calling my ‘calling card’ script) to try and promote myself in the world of screenwriting. I also have other projects on the go, and will be looking to pursue new ventures, so these will also start to feature in my updates. I always find it interesting reading about other writer’s projects, experiences, successes and failings, so hopefully this interest will be reciprocated. If not, I don’t mind. I think of this blog as a sort of diary, anyway – it’s nice to look back and see what I was thinking about, moaning about or generally doing at the time of any particular post. So now on to today’s post. This week, I’ve seen various debates/blogs/articles, in various forms online, all relating to the same subject – why you shouldn’t pursue a career in screenwriting. This made me sad. Sad because I want to be a screenwriter, and sad because I know it’s true. It also made me happy (in a slightly perverse way). Anyone I know personally and see having some sort of success in such a vast, competitive and cutthroat industry, I like to think I share their victory in the form of admiration and a sense of hope for myself. I consider myself to be an artist, and the one thing I always try to remember is that art is something you do because you love it. You have an overwhelming urge that you will never be able to escape, because your art is in your soul. So, whether I’m sweeping the floors of a toilet, answering phones in a call centre, or writing adverts for local radio, no one will ever stop me being a screenwriter, no matter how hard they try to convince me it’s the wrong thing to do. Of course there’s a reality, and that reality is you won’t ever make a lot of money being a writer. Well, I’m fine with that – so let the writing commence!

Whilst I go back to working on my script, I’d like to leave you with an interview I did with Alec earlier this year. You should know Alec by now (in virtual terms) as I’ve mentioned him a few times on here, and he even wrote the last post as my guest blogger. Anyway, his short film Three Days in Kamakura won Best Film at Aichi Vision 2012 and I’m sure will go on to be very successful at all the other festivals it’s due to be screened at. I asked him some questions about the film and his experiences as a screenwriter. The sound isn’t great, but I hope you find it as interesting and useful as I did. Another victory for a fellow writer!


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