Gentle Petals

Posted: August 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

I have many things I want to blog about, but I have far too much on at the minute to sit down and put words to screen – instead, you will have to make do with another poetry offering. I don’t know why I wrote these poems, or if they’re even poems at all? It seems these days poems don’t have to rhyme and purposely set out to confuse you…I don’t know about poetry, but I like to write – simple as that. Anyway, here’s the latest…


Those sweet gentle petals, peaceful, and pure
Their desire to grow, to blossom, mature
An innocence bright, so perfect, so sure
But beware of the frost, with evil at its core

The frost comes in silence, its presence is short
But enough time to chill, and strangle each thought
The innocence snatched, the purity caught
The petals will wither, no battle was fought

The frost is a predator, petals its prey
Piercing their beauty, they’re left in dismay
Emptied of life, soulless, they lay
So beware of the frost, hunting petals to slay

The sun will appear, and more petals will flower
Their beauty will flourish, with each waking hour
So nourish their beauty, with love you must shower
But beware of the frost, the frost…

Beware of the frost that destroys, and devours.

Until I have time to write something more substantial…

Peace x


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